Martini Monday

Martini’s $2.00 Off
Mussels & Frites  $10.00


Travelling  Tuesday

Import Beer @ Domestic Price  (excl. Innis & Gunn)
Frog Leg Wings  2 for 1


Wino Wednesday

20 % off Bottles of Wine
Antipasto & Cheese 20% off


Thirsty Thursday

Signature Cocktails $1.00 Off
Bruschetta $10.00


Draft Dodger Friday

Draft Beer $5.00
Calamari $5.00 for second order


Snowball Saturday

Add 1oz to any drink for $2.00  (excl. Top Shelf)
Spinach Dip $2.00 off
“snowball-[snoh-bawl] To cause to grow or  become larger, greater, more intense”

Caesar Sunday

Signature Caesar Menu   $5.00
Caesar Salad – Full for Price of Half