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Signature Cocktails

1 oz. – 6.50

27 Mojito

With freshly picked mint leaves, house made Mojito syrup & Captain Morgan white Rum.    Our refreshing twist on a Cuban classic.

Red Morning Light

Pama Liqueur, Sparkling wine & fresh raspberries. This one can easily be drank from the Black of the night to the Red morning light!

Paul-a-Roni Macaroni

Finlandia Mango & Grapefruit Vodkas, strawberry puree, cranberry juice & soda.  A long time favourite designed by staff for staff and drank by staff!

27 Dreams & Cream

Cool down with Bailey’s Original or Caramel Flavoured Liqueur blended with milk and Jet Mocha Mix.  You can thank our coffee guy later.

Tighty Whitey

You’ll love this gem with ingredients that are white. Smirnoff White Grape Vodka, White Cranberry juice and soda.

James & The. . . . .

Peach Schnapps and Peach puree along with Jameson’s Irish Whiskey and Iced Tea.  If you haven’t read the book, this drink will make you want to.


A glass full of fruit to make you feel healthy.  Apple Sour Puss, Melon Liquor, splash of cranberry and  lime juice with 7 up.

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Signature Caesars

1 oz. – 7.00
2 oz. – 10.00

The Classic

We haven’t changed a thing about this Calgary Classic.  Smirnoff Vodka, Clamato, Worcestershire, Tabasco and a Caesar Rim.

27 Caesar

We’ve tweaked the Classic Caesar recipe with Cranberry Smirnoff Vodka and a splash of Shiraz Wine.

Margarita Caesar

White Tequila, Clamato, white salt mixed with lime zest and a splash of lime juice. Ole!!

Bison Grass Caesar

Like Big Bend Market Bison this is full of flavour! Bison Grass Vodka, Clamato, and a splash of orange juice.

Mediterranean Caesar

Take a getaway to the Mediterranean with Tanquerray Gin, and Clamato, garnished with cucumber, tomato, feta and paprika

Apple Caesar

Apple Sour Puss, Smirnoff Vodka and Clamato garnished with cinnamon.   Believe it or not it`s refreshing!

Cajun Caesar

A Caesar with a kick! Smirnoff Vodka and a little extra Frank’s Red Hot with a jalapeño pepper.  Might make you want to start throwing your Mardi Gras beads

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2 oz.

GooseBerry – 11.00

Grey Goose Fine French Vodka shaken with Peach Schnapps and White Cranberry Juice

Ciroc & Kiwi – 11.00

A traditional with a modern twist. Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka, distilled from fine French grapes, shaken with  fresh sliced kiwi and white grape juice.

Blonde Ambition – 11.00

Is it true blondes have more fun? Find out with Smirnoff Vodka, Orange Juice, Sugar, Fresh Squeezed Lemon garnished with Raspberries

Secrets & Lies – 9.00

I’d tell you the ingredients but it’s a secret. This martini is really bad and that’s a lie….

Razz – 9.00

Like country time lemonade only this martini contains actual lemon ingredients… and is spiked with Raspberry Smirnoff Vodka

27 – 9.00

An instant favourite with Smirnoff Vodka, Triple Sec, Melon & Watermelon liqueurs with a splash of pineapple and lime juice.

Purple Rain – 9.00

Blueberry Smirnoff Vodka, Blue Curacao, Strawberry Puree & fresh Lemonade. Game, Blouses…

Aloha – 11.00

Spread some good vibes while enjoying SKYY Ginger infused vodka and Maibu coconut rum shaken with pineapple and mango juices!

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Domestic Hi-Ball – 5.00

Premium Hi-Ball – 5.75

Top Shelf - 7.50

Tequila -

House – 7.00
Cabo Wabo – 11.00
Patron White – 9.00
Patron Gold – 12.00

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27 Blend Coffee – 2.25

Numi Tea – 3.75

Fountain Pop – 3.25

Juice – 3.50

Milk/Chocolate Milk – 2.25/2.75

Evian (330 ml) – 3.25

San Pellegrino 1 L/500 ml – 6.00/3.50

Flavoured San Pellegrino (330 ml) – 3.75

Italian Soda – 3.75

27 Ice Blended Coffee – 5.25

Virgin Cocktails – 4.25

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Hot & Steamy

Hot Chocolate – 3.00

Espresso – 4.00

Americano – 4.00

Cappuccino – 4.25

Latte – 5.00

Apple Cider – 4.25

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Domestic Beer – 4.75

Coors Lite, Canadian, Kokanee, Budweiser, Bud Lite, Labatt Lite, Pilsner

Premium Beer – 5.75

Rickards Red, Corona, MGD, Rutting Elk Red, Keiths, Miller Chill, Dos Equis, Heineken, Wild Rose Wraspberry


Hoegaarden – 6.50
Strongbow – 7.00
Guiness – 7.00
New Castle – 6.50
Innes & Gunn – 7.25
Stella – 6.50
Red Stripe – 6.50


Sleemans Honey Brown/Okanagan Springs 151 – 6.75

Saporro/Blanche de Chambly – 7.00

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Reserve Wine

La Poderina – 78.00
2006 Rosso di Montalcino – Italy

La Fiole du Pape – 103.00
Chateauneuf du Pape – France

Signorello Estate – 151.00
2005 Cabernet Sauvignon- Napa Valley, California

Rosenblum Cellars – 122.00
2005 Harris Kratka Vineyard Zinfandel- Alexander Valley, California

Lemos & Van Zeller – 113.00
2005 Quinta Vale D.Maria – Portugal

Masi Amarone -  104.00
2006 Costasera Amarone – Italy

Pio Cesare – 175.00
2004 Barolo- Piedmont, Italy

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Red Wine

Light Bodied

A light bodied red wine is all about approachability. Its main characteristics are fruitiness and little tannins.  It pairs beautifully with lighter foods especially poultry and fish.

5 oz./8oz./Bottle

Tabali – 12.50/19.00/57.00
Pinot Noir- Limari Valley, Chile

Montressor – 8.00/12.00/36.00
Valpolicella -Verona Italy

Joseph Drouhin – 40.00 (bottle only)
Beaujolais- Beaujolais, France

Summerhill Winery – 61.00 (bottle only)
Pinot Noir- Okanagan, Canada

“Here’s to the corkscrew – a useful key to unlock the storehouse of wit, the treasury of laughter, the front door of fellowship, and the gate of pleasant folly.” ~ W.E.P. French

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Medium Bodied

A medium bodied red wine is all about versatility. Depending on the varietal they are usually flavourful, fruity wines with spicy accents and some tannins.  It will hold up to the juiciest burger and will also pair nicely with pepper sauces and ribs.

5 oz./8oz./Bottle

Bodegas Aruspide “Trio” – 7.00/10.50/31.00
Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet – Spain

Quinta Do Crasto “Crasto” – 46.00 (bottle only)

Peter Lehman Weighbridge – 7.25/10.75/33.00

Montressor – 59.00 (bottle only)
Ripasso- Verona, Italy

The Wolftrap – 33.00 (bottle only)
Syrah, Mourvedre, Viognier-South Africa

Sterling Vintners Collection – 9.50/14.25/43.00
Merlot-Sonoma, California

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Full Bodied

A full bodied red wine is all about complexity.  It’s deep in color, rich in flavour, with lots of tannin and black fruits.  It is a great companion to a mouth watering steak and does or strong cheese.

5 oz./8oz./Bottle

7 Deadly Zins – 57.00 (bottle only)
Zinfandel- California

Bonterra – 10.00/15.00/45.00
Cabernet Sauvignon (Organic)- California

Vina Leyda – 12.75/19.25/58.00
Carmenere – Colchagua Valley, Chile

Jim Barry Lodge Hill – 57.00 (bottle only)
Shiraz-Clare Valley, Australia

Edge Winery – 76.00 (bottle only)
Cabernet Sauvignon -  Napa Valley, California

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White Wine

Light Bodied

A light bodied white wine is all about enjoyment.  It’s refreshing and approachable with lots of citrus notes, and not a lot of sweetness.  A great big bowl of greens with goat cheese, or some lightly grilled shell fish is the perfect way to enjoy this wine with a meal.

5 oz./8oz./Bottle

Folonari – 8.25/12.25/37.00
Pinot Grigio – Italy

Leyda Reserva – 8.75/13.00/39.00
Sauvignon Blanc – Chile

Quinta Do Crasto “Crasto” -  55.00 (bottle only)
Blend – Portugal

Kung Fu Girl – 10.00/16.00/52.00
Reisling – Washington State

“Wine is bottled poetry.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

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Medium Bodied

A medium bodied white wine is all about personality. It can be lightly oaked and have notes of tropical fruits, and it sometimes will display pretty, floral aromas too.  It is either dry or off-dry in sweetness and pairs well with spicy or Asian foods as well as calamari and scallops.

5 oz./8oz./Bottle

Domaine Fouassier – 64.00 (bottle only)
Sancerre, “Les Romains” – Loire Valley, France

Cedar Creek – 9.75/14.50/44.00
Gewurztraminer – Okanagan, Canada

Bonterra Vineyards – 60.00 (bottle only)
Organic Viognier – Mendocino, California

Robert Mondavi Winery – 61.00 (bottle only)
Fume Blanc- Napa Valley, California

Blasted Church – 63.00 (bottle only)
Pinot Gris-Okanagan, Canada

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Full Bodied

A full bodied white wine is all about character.  Usually oaked this is the queen of white wines and can be a great option for a red wine drinker.  Enjoy this wine with any kind of cream sauces, smoked salmon, and hard cheeses.

5 oz./8oz./Bottle

Fetzer Vineyards 9.00/13.00/41.00
Chardonnay – California

Sterling Vineyards – 55.00 (bottle only)
Chardonnay – Napa Valley, California

Cotes Du Rhone Blanc – 73.00 (bottle only)
Coudoulet – Rhone Valley, France

8th Generation – 63.00
Pinot Gris-Okanagan, Canada

“If God forbade drinking, would He have made wine so good?” ~ Cardinal Richeleu

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Dessert, Sparkling Wine, Champagne

5 oz./8oz./Bottle

Fetzer Vineyards – 7.25/11.00/33.00
White Zinfandel- Mendocino, California

Domaine Chandon – 77.00 (bottle only)
Blanc de Noirs, Sparkling Wine- Napa Valley, California

de Venoge Champagne (375ml) – 68.00
Cordon Bleu Brut- Champagne, France

Veuve Clicquot – 111.00 (bottle only)
Brut – Champagne, France

Inniskillin (50 ml) – 16.00
Ice wine Vidal- Okanagan, Canada

Michel Jodin – 9.25/14.00/52.00
Hard Cider-Quebec, Canada

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Scotch & Cognac

Glenmorangie Original – 10.00

Glenmorangie La Santa – 11.00

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban – 12.00

Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or – 13.00

Glenlivet – 8.00

Glenfiddich – 8.00

Dalwhinnie  15 – 12.00

Oban 15 – 18.00

Johnny Walker Black – 7.00

Johnny Walker Blue – 25.00

Hennessy – 8.00

Hennessy VSOP - 12.00

Hennessy XO - 19.00

Courvoisier – 8.00

Meukow VSOP – 8.00

Navan Vanilla – 8.50

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Port & Sherry

Taylor Fladgate 10 yr – 11.00

Taylor Fladgate 20 yr – 16.75

Crasto LBV – 12.00

Dry Sack Sherry – 5.75

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