$90 per couple

(Exchangeable for Gift Card of Equal Value if Desired)

Come in and enjoy a one of a kind 6 course menu.  Score two chefs throughout the meal on Creativity, Plating and Taste and decide on your Iron Chef! 

How Does It Work?

Competition is held on the first Sunday of each Month

Our 2 chosen Chefs each month will be given three ingredients to prepare one amazing 3 course menu each.

Customers will be given the opportunity to enjoy both dishes and score the competitors on Plating, Originality and Flavor as well as written feedback on their likes and dislikes.

At the end of each evening one Chef will be scored the winner and move onto the next round and closer to becoming 27’s Iron Chef.


“Me and my husband dined out tonight at restaurant 27 and let me tell you it was the most interesting experience I have ever had in a restaurant. They had this Contest between the chefs and we had to rate the two 3 course meals made by two competing chefs. First off we had the opportunity to talk to the chefs before our appetizers and they both gave us a description of the food that was going to be cooked with there ingredients that had been chosen for them. Well the things that those boys came up with where amazing, I belive one of the dishes was a deconstructed beet bruchetta. One of the most amazing things i have ever tasted, the other beet dish was wonderful as well. Both of the Salmon dishes where very good . For dessert the ingredient was rhubarb and WOW they where both wonderful but the frozen one with the rhubarb syrup was far superior. The service was wonderful, with a trendy atmosphere and the food was great . I would recommend checking out this contest because it is totally worth the money if you are looking for a unique dinning experience in Red Deer .”

“My wife and I tried the Iron Chef night. What an experience. Not only was the food amazing – it made for excellent dinner conversation. I would definitely recommend this restaurant, especially on iron chef night, to anyone!”