We believe that when you are truly passionate about what you do we all will see it in the end.

The Chefs at Restaurant Twenty Seven believe that the ingredients which go into a dish are the distinguishing factors in how a dish turns out.  For this reason we base our menus around four simple words, “Fresh, Seasonal, Natural and Local.”

By this we mean:

1. We use the freshest ingredients possible for any given time of the year.   We continually use an abundance of fresh meats, produce, and herbs in all our dishes.  We enjoy the challenge and pride ourselves on the fact that our recipes are uniquely based on what is available fresh for that time of year.

2. Our Chefs are continually “playing” in the kitchen with ideas to set us apart from other Restaurants.  This lets us source our ingredients seasonally and challenges us to offer a new menu twice a year, working with the changing seasons.  By doing this we offer our diners a creative array of dishes using only the freshest ingredients with something new to try every time they visit.

3. At Restaurant Twenty Seven we work very hard to source the healthiest and most natural products.  In doing so we offer a menu in which a large portion of our produce and meats come from farmers priding themselves on Natural Farming Techniques.  Red Deer’s Big Bend Market is the main supplier for our Beef, Bison, Elk, Pork and Chicken products, which are grain fed, as well as hormone and antibiotic free.  We have formed a very close relationship with them and know they pride themselves as both a local farmer and supplier.  Our Chefs see first hand, by using these products, the difference in quality “Natural Makes.”  For this reason we pride ourselves on the way we handle the products to make sure we get them to our customers at their absolute best and most flavourful.

4. We are a small, independently owned business driven by a passion for, and dedication to food.  Just as we hope people in the community will visit and support our local restaurant we feel obligated to do the same for other local farmers and producers.  By doing so we are enriching our community and helping others make their dreams a success.  We work very hard to source the majority of the products we use such as meat, vegetables, fruit, and berries from as close to Red Deer as possible; by doing so we form close relationships with the farmers.  In the end we know exactly what we are getting, how it was raised and where it came from, and in turn pass this knowledge onto our customers.  We deal with farmers who like us are not in it for the money but because they cannot see themselves doing anything else.  We hope that by doing so we are not only able to offer an amazing meal but also offer something back to the community we are from.