Operational Costs
Upon selection of your food and beverage requirements, the
following additional costs may be incurred:

• Executive Chef / Manager @ $30 per hour
• Chef @ $20 per hour
• Service Team and Bartender @ $20 – $25 per hour

The number of staff required will be based on the type of event, number of guests and the preferred level of service.

Service Charge
All food and beverages are subject to a 15% service charge.

All alcoholic beverages are subject to a 5% goods and service tax.

All food is subject to a 5% goods and service tax.

If needed we can liaison with an independent equipment rental company and take care of all necessary arrangements for rentals. The rental company will deliver the items directly to the venue
and will generally pick up on the day following the event. The client is financially responsible for any items lost, broken and/or damaged.

Special Occasions License
Some events with bar service may require a Special Occasion License. This license can be applied for at any Alberta Liquor Store and is the responsibility of the client.

A 50% deposit is required a minimum of 30 days prior to an event  and is payable by cash, cheque or major credit card.

Final Payment
Final Payment is due directly “upon completion of the event.”
Any credits and/or additional fees will be invoiced post event and payment is due immediately upon receipt.

An approximate guest count is due 14 business days before the event.

For all events, large or small,  final guest count, as well as, food and beverage requirements are due no later
than noon, 5 business days prior to the event.  This number will be the number used to invoice for the event as we will order and prep food based on these numbers.

The following cancellation fees are applicable:
15 – 30 days prior to the event date – 25% of the total
estimated cost of the event.

7 – 14 days prior to the event date – 50% of the total
estimated cost of the event.

1-6 days prior to the event date – 75% of the total
estimated cost of the event.

Other Services Provided
Restaurant 27 Catering is a full service catering company that can help organize and execute many detail of your event. We work with qualified professionals and can assist with such elements
as décor, entertainment, flowers, photography, ice sculptures, etc.