Appetizer Reception

Waiters carry tray presentations of bite sized hors d’oeuvres.  Alternatively a buffet selection may be set up for guests to help themselves.

Appetizers may be served as:

An afternoon reception  (7-14 per person)  $16.00 – $36.00

A pre-dinner reception (4-8 per person)  $9.50 – $21.00

A dinner reception (24-28 per person)  $45.00 – $60.00      Appetizers replace the meal

Guests may be offered wines (or customized signature beverages) by waiters.  Bar service can range from beer and wine and soft beverages to various options of full bar service.

Seated Dinner

A seated dinner is a designed to provide our guests with a restaurant environment and experience.  Generally, a seated dinner will begin with one hour of cocktails and appetizers after which, guests will be seated in a customized dining room.  All options for bar service are available for seated dinners.  This can be provided by the venue or caterer.

$35 – $100 Depending on Menu and Number of Courses

Buffet Dinner

All food items are setup and displayed on aesthetically pleasing food stations where the guests will help themselves.  Beverage service is available.

$ 40 – $150 Depending on how elaborate the menu and number of selections